How to upgrade to iOS 7 official from iOS 7 beta?

I love iOS 7 design with flat interface. So that when Apple exposed their iOS 7 beta, I have download and install into my iPhone. Today, iOS 7 official is live. But I cannot upgrade my iPhone to official iOS 7. What’s up! Can you help me?

nguyen's answer

Today, I also have received many questions from users like you who are using iOS 7 beta and want to upgrade to official iOS 7. Maybe you don’t know the truth that to date, Apple does not allow beta users to directly upgrade to the final version. That why you cannot see the update check report in iTunes

upgrade ios 7 from beta version, itunes not allow update

or on your iPhone via OTA method

upgrade ios 7 from beta version, iphone not allow update


Furthermore, the official iOS 7 has the same release code with iOS 7 Gold Master version, so we can confirm that there is no change in official iOS 7.

Now, you’re in the beta and want to upgrade to the final version, do switch your iPhone to DFU mode, plug into iTunes and press “Restore” button. This maybe complex to you, so we will try another simple solution that we will download the official iOS 7 firmware and install it via iTunes.

To get the official iOS 7 firmware from Apple, click on links below based on your devices. Here are list of iOS 7 firmwares for Apple products:


The most important thing you should know is that iOS 7 official only works with iTunes version 11.1. So when you are downloading iPhone firmware (approx. 1GB), save up your time by upgrading your iTunes into 11.1 version (that Apple also launched with iOS 7 today). If not, you will get this message when trying connect iOS 7 with earlier iTunes versions.

upgrade ios 7 from beta version, itunes update notification


Note before upgrading, backup your device is a smart action that could help you out of troubles in many cases. To do that, in iTunes screen, click on “Back Up Now” button in “Backups” section.

upgrade ios 7 from beta version, iphone backup


When all the preparation finish, plug your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes then do “Shift+Left Click” on “Check for Update” button.

upgrade ios 7 from beta version, check for update


Then choose the appropriate firmware in the File Dialog. Click to choose file and then click on “Open” button.

upgrade ios 7 from beta version, choose firmware


Then click on “Update” button on confirmation dialog.

upgrade ios 7 from beta version, confirmation


iTunes will do upgrade for your iPhone. Just relax with a cup of coffee, it should take up to 15 minutes.

upgrade ios 7 from beta version, upgrading


After upgrading, Apple will try to verify your updated iPhone software is correct or not.

upgrade ios 7 from beta version, verify updated software


Lastly, iTunes will try to do restore your iPhone with the data they backed up before upgrading.

upgrade ios 7 from beta version, restoring


Do you feel follow this way you can control all happening steps? Enjoy your official iOS 7 now, even it is maybe the same with your beta version.

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