How to print all Excel sheet columns on one page?

I have to print out my Excel sheet into one page. However, even I changed columns size or rows size, my sheet still span on two page. How can I do print this Excel in one sheet?

nguyen's answer

Microsoft Excel is a most popular spreadsheet program in the world. It allows you to do anything from check-in, salary table, to sophisticated statistical table. Everything in table layout form can be put into Excel. These content in some day need to be printed on paper for review or easy reading, tracking.

You can adjust the column width, row width to fit your printed content on one page as you desired. But if even you did that but nothing follow your mind. Your content still spread on two or even three, four pages. For print all excel sheet columns in one page, we use Scaling feature of Microsoft Excel. This tutorial is based on Microsoft Excel 2013, however, the content can be applied to any version of Excel in similar ways.


Step 1. Go into Print form of Microsoft Excel by clicking on FILE tab in the Ribbon bar.

print-excel-on-one-page step 1 image


Step 2. Then do left mouse click on Print in the FILE menu.

print-excel-on-one-page step 2 image


Step 3. On the Print form, you can see that our excel sheet spread on three pages. Click on Page Setup.

print-excel-on-one-page step 3 image


Step 4. The Page Setup dialog will show up. Click on Page tab and look at Scaling section. There is one option named Fit to… Click to select that option. There are two input box here, first one is fit sheet to page wide and the second one is fit sheet to page tall. Input number ‘1’ into the two input boxes. Then click OK.

print-excel-on-one-page step 4 image


Step 5. Back to Print form, the content we want to print is now fitted on just one page. Click Print button to print out your result.

print-excel-on-one-page step 5 image

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