How to add shortcut under Computer in Windows 8?

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After installing some software like iTunes, I’ve realized that the program add shortcut under Computer in Windows Explorer in Windows 8. Can I add my own shortcut here?

Answer: Exactly, you can easily add shortcuts under Computer in Windows 8. As we know that Compu... [continue reading]
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How can I burn iso files into flash drive?

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I have download Windows 8 iso file from Microsoft. How can I burn this iso file into my flash drive instead of DVD disk?

Answer: Modern computer bring you the capacity to boot system from flash drive. This is time-sav... [continue reading]
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How can I access Start Menu in Windows 8?

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How can I access Start Menu in Microsoft Windows 8? I want to see all my programs in list like Start menu before.

Answer: Access Start Menu in Windows 8 is impossible now. Windows 8 has remove the Start Menu in... [continue reading]

How to change location for Screenshots folder in Windows 8?

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In windows 8, I can use keyboard shortcut [Windows key] + Print Screen to take screenshots of my screen. They are saved by default to C:\Users\<username>\Pictures\Screenshots. However, I want these screenshots moved to D:\Screenshots. How can I do that?

Answer: Actually, the Print Screen button allow you to capture current screen into clipboard, th... [continue reading]

How can I add comment to cells in Microsoft Excel 2013?

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I am just new to Excel 2013. How can I add comment to cells in my excel file?

Answer: Excel 2013 has a little bit different on interface compare to earlier version. However, ... [continue reading]

How to add items into Send To in Windows 8?

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How can I add more items into Send To in Microsoft Windows 8? I have to copy a lot of files from C: drive to D: drive but do not want to use Copy and Paste function of Windows.

Answer: By default, Windows has only a few options for where to store files in the option 'Send ... [continue reading]
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How to convert Date to Text in Microsoft Excel 2013?

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I want to convert that Date to Text and the Text looked exactly like Date. For example, a Date value of 01/03/2013 14:45:00 should look like 01/03/2013 14:45:00 but internally it should be Text. How can I do that in Excel 2013?

Answer: To convert Date to Text with the same format, you could try TEXT() function of Excel. Le... [continue reading]
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How to enable Hibernate feature in Windows 8?

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Because of my jobs, I don’t want to shut down the laptop. Sleep mode is ok but it waste battery. How can I enable Hibernate feature in Microsoft Windows 8?

Answer: Yes, by default, Windows 8 does not enable Hibernate feature. You can enable this featur... [continue reading]
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How can I use new Google Maps version?

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Google has just introduced the new version of Google Maps. But in my browser, it is still old version. How can I try out new version?

Answer: Yeah, at the Google I/O  conference which took place recently, Google has launched the ... [continue reading]

How can I change location for My Document in Windows 8?

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How can I change the location of My Document in Windows 8? I want to store all of my documents in other drive.

Answer: By default, Microsoft Windows 8 will set location of My Document at C:\Users\<user-na... [continue reading]

How to add items into Startup folder in Windows 8?

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How can I add programs into Startup folder of Windows 8? Windows 8 has no Start menu like before.

Answer: Yes, putting program into Startup folder is an easy way to make programs running at boot... [continue reading]
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How can I access Control Panel in Windows 8?

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Just used Windows 8 for one day, now I want to install some fonts but cannot find Windows 8 Control Panel. Please show me the way to access it?

Answer: Actually, Control Panel in Windows 8 can accessed through Charm bar, Windows Explorer or... [continue reading]

How can I take screenshot of my iPhone 5 screen?

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How can I take screen shot of my iPhone 5 screen? I have to capture some screens of my homework application.

Answer: There are many apps on App Store allow you to take screenshot of your iPhone 5. However,... [continue reading]

How to enable Assistive Touch on iPhone 5?

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I’ve heard that there is one way to avoid using Home key and Power key of iPhone 5 by using Assistive Touch. How can I enable it on iPhone 5?

Answer: iPhone Assistive Touch is a new feature from iOS 5. When it is enabled, you can see a l... [continue reading]

How to turn on/off Auto-hide Ribbon in Microsoft Excel 2013?

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How can I show up Excel 2013 Ribbon again? Just tried to explorer Microsoft Office 2013 and now, my Ribbon is hidden. I have to click to head of window every times need Ribbon to do Excel function.

Answer: As you may know, about Ribbon bar, Microsoft defines that: "the ribbon is a command ba... [continue reading]

How can I open Command Prompt ‘from here’ in Windows 8?

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I am using MySQL on Windows 8 and sometimes have to use command-line tools to do my jobs. These times, I have to go through ‘cmd’ executable from Run, and using ‘cd’ to access to MySQL bin folder. How can I access the command prompt at any folder I want?

Answer: Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 provide a hidden function that allow you to open Command Promp... [continue reading]