How to freeze top rows always on top in Excel 2013?

I want to keep the two top rows always on top in my Excel file. How can I do that in Microsoft Excel 2013?

nguyen's answer

Yep, most of the time working with table, we want to keep one or more row on top for easily tracking or viewing. It is not only on paper work but also on Microsoft Excel sheet. These row can be your data sheet header or not. Microsoft Excel provide a function named Freeze Panels for you to freeze top rows.

To freeze your two top rows, you can do a simple trick follow these simple steps to freeze top rows:


Step 1. Look at the left edge of Excel window, you can see a column with increasing numbers. This indicates your row number. Move your mouse over the number three and then click left mouse button. This action will select all of the third row.

freeze-top-rows-on-top-excel-2013 step 1 image


Step 2. Then, move to the Ribbon bar, try to find the VIEW tab at the right side. Click on VIEW tab of Ribbon Bar to see all the commands in it. Click on button Freeze Panels at the right side of tab VIEW.

freeze-top-rows-on-top-excel-2013 step 2 image


Step 3. In the drop-down list box, we have three options to choose. It includes Freeze top row and Freeze First Column for fast action. This is also the frequent action users always do with Excel sheet. The third option is Freeze Panels, that is what you need. Click on that option.

freeze-top-rows-on-top-excel-2013 step 3 image


Step 4. After that, you can see a darken line below second row. This indicates that the first two rows are freeze and always on top when you scrolling down.

freeze-top-rows-on-top-excel-2013 step 4 image

That’s so damn easy, right!

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5 comments on “How to freeze top rows always on top in Excel 2013?
  1. Serge says:

    Is it possible to configure a default in Excel so that the top row is frozen automatically each time I open a spreadsheet?
    I find that I need to freeze the top row 99.9% of the time, so it would be great if I could configure a default behaviour.


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  3. Pete says:

    Thank you for your answer. You might emphasize in the text that you must select the row BELOW the part that you want to freeze.

    This used to be so easy and logical in office 2003 with the split screen box.

    Rating **** out of *****

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