How do I increase font size when replying in Outlook?

When I hit reply to an email in Outlook 2010 the font comes up so small in the reply it is barely readable. Changing font settings has made no difference. It wasn’t always like this – I obviously did something to cause it! How do I increase the font size now?

nguyen's answer

It’s also my case. My father always complains about this problem whenever I’ve installed new version of Microsoft Outlook. And obviously, the next step after installing Outlook is increase font size in email (list, content …) for him to use. One of my old articles deal with increase font size in email list. Maybe you want it.

Here the fact that I’ve switched to Outlook 2013 months ago, so do not have Outlook 2010 to exactly guide you. However, it should be the same in Outlook 2010, except the way to access Outlook Options. Then here is what we have to do.


First, click on the “FILE” tab of your Outlook screen. That will open File menu likes in older versions of Outlook.

increase font size replying outlook, click file


In the drop-down menu, find and click on “Options” near the bottom of the menu.

increase font size replying outlook, click options


Then Outlook will show you “Outlook Options” window. All of Outlook settings can be set from this window. To increase font size of your replying message, click on “Mail” in the left panel. Then look at “Compose messages” section in the right panel. There you will see a button named “Stationery and Fonts”. Click on that button.

increase font size replying outlook, outlook options

It will open “Signatures and Stationery” window where you can set your signature and also the font format for your email. To set the font size, click on the tab “Personal Stationery”. In this tab page, you can see that we can do change the font for both new or reply/forwarding messages. To increase font size in the replying or forwarding messages, click on the “Font” button bellow the label “Replying or forwarding messages”. You should be click on “OK” button after finishing set the font in the next step.

increase font size replying outlook, signatures and stationery


In the “Font” window, just set the font settings as you want. Here, I just want to increase font size, so I changed the size to 20. After that, click on “OK” button to confirm your setting.

increase font size replying outlook, choose font settings


Then click on necessary “OK” buttons on opening windows to go back to the main window of Outlook. Try to do reply one of your email. Here you can see in the replying content, the font size is big enough, of course, for me. :)

increase font size replying outlook, result


Hope this helps you to solve the problem.

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