How can I show My Computer icon on Windows 7 desktop again?

I’ve just lost My Computer icon on my Windows 7 desktop. How can I get it back? This seems so complicated to do that on Microsoft Windows.

nguyen's answer

From Vista version, Microsoft has change the way user can customize their desktop. Usually, the icon My Computer is default showed up on your desktop, set up by manufacturer. But don’t worry, if you’ve lost, you can do it easily even it’s not like Microsoft Windows XP and earlier version.


Step 1. Right-click on an empty area of your desktop, then choose Personalize.



Step 2. On Personalization window, move your mouse to near the top left of the window. Then click on Change desktop icons.



Step 3. On Desktop Icon Setting window, click on check-box near Computer to enable it. Click OK to apply setting and exit the window.




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