How to cancel Gmail account?

Strangely but I want to cancel my Gmail account. This Gmail account got lots of spam, so I want to cancel it and make a new Gmail account. How to cancel Gmail account?

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Yes, it’s so strange. For me, Gmail still is a superb free email hosting service that keep everything simple enough. It even provide Search function like Google search allowing you to find and control your tons of emails easily. But for some reasons, here you want to cancel Gmail account. Fortunately for you, Google has kept the cancellation process of its free email service really easy.


Let’s follow those step-by-step instructions:

Look at the top right corner of your Gmail interface, you can see an upside down icon near your Gmail account name ([email protected]). Click on it then click on “Account” link in the drop-down box. “Account” link will take you to Account setting page of Google.
how to cancel gmail account, account setting

Move your mouse to the left menu bar and click on “Products” link.

how to cancel gmail account, accounts page

You can see that my Google account has so many Google products including Gmail account. Click on “Edit” link beside of “Your products” title.

how to cancel gmail account, products page

Google allows you not only to cancel your Gmail account but also to cancel all of Google products related to your Google account. For most of cases, I recommend to choose “Close account and delete all services and info associated with it”. However, here we should click on “Remove Gmail permanently”.

how to cancel gmail account, edit products


Like other web apps and services on the Internet, Google also want to take confirmation and verification from you in case of accidentally deleting. In this page, you should check to select “Yes, I want to permanently delete [email protected] and remove it from my Google account”. Then inputting your new primary email, which will be your username to sign in Google and access others Google products. Be remember that this email should be an external email, not another Gmail account. Because Google until now do not allow to merge content from two different Google accounts. Then type in your “Current password” to make another layer of authentication and confirmation, and click on “REMOVE GMAIL” button.  how to cancel gmail account, choose other username

Then Google need to send a verify email to your new primary address to make sure that you own that email and also sure that you want to cancel Gmail account.

how to cancel gmail account, confirmation notification

Go to the Inbox of your external email that you’ve inputted already. You can see an email with content like below. Click on the link that Google gave you.

how to cancel gmail account, confirmation email

That link will take you to Google Verify page. Here you need to take to input the “Password” and click on “Verify”. It seems long procedure, huh. Don’t worry, it will end sooner. This is the last step.

how to cancel gmail account, verify

Wow, “You’ve successfully deleted your Gmail address”. Here you can choose some reason that you feel suitable for you and click on “Submit”. Otherwise, just leave it.

how to cancel gmail account, successful



In case you want to turn back your time, Google states that: “Residual copies of deleted messages and accounts may take up to 60 days to be deleted from our active servers and may remain in our backup systems for an additional period of time. If you delete your Gmail address but wish to have it back, we work to help you recover your deleted accounts whenever possible. However, within a few weeks’ time, accounts are usually no longer retrievable. Note that a successful recovery will only recover the username associated with the account.


Moreover, if you want only to change the Gmail username, there is another way to do that. I will cover it later. Keep up with me.

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  1. Adam Dave says:

    We all have our own Gmail account, but, sometimes we really want to leave or delete our Gmail accounts, in that case, it is very important to disallow all the activities and responses through Netgear Customer Support by that, your Gmail account is totally removed.

  2. Lana Blom says:

    I would like to find out how to cancel any google/gmail account without signing in? I don’t know my password and think someone else changed it again. Also all the account link to each other

  3. Bergmann says:

    I need to remove some names fro a mail, as the gt a lot of answers to th original mail How do I do that?

  4. Jillian says:

    Thank you! It is an superb web site.

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