How do I enable two-step verification for my Apple ID?

I have heard that Apple has provided two-step verification for Apple ID. I think I should have that feature enabled to enhance my Apple transactions security. How do I enable two-step verification for my Apple ID?

nguyen's answer

Right, everything related to transactions should be secured enough. We all know that tradition way of authentication is using Username and Password. Even we do authentication through SSL, it is still be compromised. That’s why two-step verification comes up.

Two-step verification works by adding an extra layer of security to your Apple ID. It means that in addition to your username and password, you will need to enter a 4-digit verification code that Apple will send you through Find My iPhone notifications or SMS.

To start the journey, go to using desktop browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome … or devices’ browser like Safari. We can see the Apple ID interface here. Click on “Manage your Apple ID”.

enable two step verification apple id, home


On the Sign in page, type in your Apple ID username and password and then click on “Sign in” button.

enable two step verification apple id sign in


Look at the right side the page and click your mouse on “Password and Security”. That will bring you to page that allow you to enable two-step verification for your Apple ID.

enable two step verification apple id, access password security


For security purpose, Apple need you to answer two random security questions from the three security questions that you have already defined when creating that Apple ID. Read the question careful and answer exactly what you have defined. After that, click on “Continue” button.

enable two step verification apple id, answer security questions


Then you will go to “Manage your security settings.” page. Look carefully below “Two-Step Verification” and click on “Get started…” link. Keep focus cause it is so small.

enable two step verification apple id, password settings


Then the introduction about Apple ID two-step verification comes up. Read it because it reflects the exact working way of two-step verification for Apple ID (just for your knowledge). Then click on “Continue” button.

enable two step verification apple id, introduction


The next page is somewhat the same like last page mentioned. Just click on “Continue” button.  Then Apple will take you to the identical page with only a change is green icons becoming red icons. Just click on “Continue” to accept this.

enable two step verification apple id, need to know


The result is Apple requires us to wait 3 days to continue enable two-step verification. That helps Apple ensure that only and only you have just made that action. If not you, just follow Apple’s instructions in emails they have sent you: “please reset your account password immediately by going to My Apple ID.

enable two step verification apple id, finish


And one thing to know is Apple did not offer two-step verification to all coutry as the same time. Apple states that “Initially, two-step verification is being offered in the U.S., UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. Additional countries will be added over time. When your country is added, two-step verification will automatically appear in the Password and Security section of Manage My Apple ID when you sign in to My Apple ID.


After 3 days, please go back to Apple ID page, go to “Passwords and Security” like previous,  then click on “Get started …” in “Two-Step authentication” section. The process will start again. Click on “Get Started” to continue.

enable two step verification apple id, confirmation


Then you will go through 4 steps of verifying. First one is verify your trust devices (e.g. your iPhone). Click on “Verify” link like image below.

enable two step verification apple id, step 1


Apple will send you a temporary verification code. Input it into “Verification Code:” section, then click on “Verify Device”.

enable two step verification apple id, verify device


Like other two-step authentication services, Apple also provides verification code through SMS. Here, we can see that Apple supports only 5 countries: Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States. If you are in these countries, input your phone number and click “Next”. I am in Vietnam so I have to click “Skip” button.

enable two step verification apple id, verify through sms


Then you can see a green “Verified” text beside your device name. Click on “Continue”.

enable two step verification apple id, device verified


Apple here recommend you to verify another trusted device. Just click “Continue” to go on.

enable two step verification apple id, verify another


Then you will have a “Recovery Key”. Write it down on a safe place because you will need it in the future. Then click on “Continue”.

enable two step verification apple id, recovery key


You have to confirm that you’ve already stored Recovery Key by inputing it again. If correct, you can see a green mark beside your input box. Then click on “Confirm”.

enable two step verification apple id, recovery key confirm


Here is one more confirmation step. Click to check “I understand the conditions above.” then click on “Enable two-step Verification”.

enable two step verification apple id, last step


That you’ve done.

enable two step verification apple id, finish



From now on, every time you want to manage your Apple ID, you not only provide password but also a verification code sent to your trusted device.

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