How to change background in Windows 8?

I have just download some beautiful free pictures. I want to put these pictures on my screen now. How can I change background of my Windows 8 computer?

nguyen's answer

Microsoft Windows 8 has three kinds of background: welcome screen (lock screen), desktop screen and Start Screen. Here you do not mention to specific background, so we will walk through on how to change background for these three kinds.

Firstly, and most important maybe the desktop background. Just because, 80% of your time will be back to your desktop. To change background of your desktop, right-click your mouse on the desktop and choose “Personalize” in the pop-up context menu.

change background in windows 8, desktop properties


In the “Personalization” window, look at the bottom, you can see an item named “Desktop Background”. Click on it.

change background in windows 8 personalization window


This clicking will open “Desktop Background” window, where you can change background for Windows 8 desktop. You can choose “Picture location” and then click on existing pictures already included in Windows 8. Or you can choose your own background pictures by clicking on “Browse” button.

change background in windows 8, desktop background window


Browse to choose the location of your pictures folder. Then click on “OK” to choose that location.

change background in windows 8 browse desktop background


After choosing the picture location, we will be at that location. You can see many pictures from that folder showed up for you to choose. You can move your mouse to choose one picture and click “Save changes” to set that picture as your desktop background.

change background in windows 8 choose one background


Another feature that Windows 8 brings to you is background slide show. It means you can select multiple picture files and then Windows 8 will rotate them as desktop background. To do that, in this screen, click on “Select all” to select all the pictures.  Then choose the settings for “Change picture every” section like the time and shuffle or sequential. After that click on “Save changes” to store your setting.

change background in windows 8, background slideshow


Then your desktop background will be changed to what you have chosen.


Now let’s dig into how to change background for your lock screen and start screen. Move your mouse to the bottom right of the screen then click on Settings on the Charm bar.

change background in windows 8 settings


Click to choose “Change PC Settings”.

change background in windows 8 change pc settings


Now the “PC Settings” window will showed up with Personalize tab opened. In this tab, we can do change background for Lock Screen and Start Screen. Here we can see that Lock Screen background setting are opened by default. We can choose Microsoft-provided pictures or click on “Browse” button to choose our own picture. After choosing, Windows 8 will automatically save the setting, you don’t have to click any button.

change background in windows 8, personalize screen


For changing Start Screen background, click on “Start screen” tab nearby the “Lock screen”. Here we can only select pre-defined background pictures and also the color for Start Screen. Choose what you want and that’s enough. Windows 8 will remember and set it for you.

change background in windows 8, start screen background


Hope this will help you to decorate your background ;) !


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