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How do I increase font size when replying in Outlook?

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When I hit reply to an email in Outlook 2010 the font comes up so small in the reply it is barely readable. Changing font settings has made no difference. It wasn’t always like this – I obviously did something to cause it! How do I increase the font size now?

Answer: It’s also my case. My father always complains about this problem whenever I’ve insta... [continue reading]

How do I repeat top rows when printing in Excel 2013?

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I am running Excel 2013. I want to print a long spreadsheet and I would like the top rows repeated on the top of each page. I go to print and go to Page Setup. I select the “Sheet” tab. Under “Print” Titles”, both selections are disabled (grayed); “Rows to Repeat at Top” and Columns to Repeat at Left” are unavailable for selection. Do you know why I cannot access this feature in Excel 2013?

Answer: As I have been using Excel since Excel 97, I always set the first row frozen, so that wh... [continue reading]

How to print all Excel sheet columns on one page?

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I have to print out my Excel sheet into one page. However, even I changed columns size or rows size, my sheet still span on two page. How can I do print this Excel in one sheet?

Answer: Microsoft Excel is a most popular spreadsheet program in the world. It allows you to do ... [continue reading]

How to freeze top rows always on top in Excel 2013?

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I want to keep the two top rows always on top in my Excel file. How can I do that in Microsoft Excel 2013?

Answer: Yep, most of the time working with table, we want to keep one or more row on top for eas... [continue reading]

How can I add comment to cells in Microsoft Excel 2013?

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I am just new to Excel 2013. How can I add comment to cells in my excel file?

Answer: Excel 2013 has a little bit different on interface compare to earlier version. However, ... [continue reading]

How to convert Date to Text in Microsoft Excel 2013?

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I want to convert that Date to Text and the Text looked exactly like Date. For example, a Date value of 01/03/2013 14:45:00 should look like 01/03/2013 14:45:00 but internally it should be Text. How can I do that in Excel 2013?

Answer: To convert Date to Text with the same format, you could try TEXT() function of Excel. Le... [continue reading]
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How to turn on/off Auto-hide Ribbon in Microsoft Excel 2013?

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How can I show up Excel 2013 Ribbon again? Just tried to explorer Microsoft Office 2013 and now, my Ribbon is hidden. I have to click to head of window every times need Ribbon to do Excel function.

Answer: As you may know, about Ribbon bar, Microsoft defines that: "the ribbon is a command ba... [continue reading]

How can I export Outlook 2013 contacts to Excel file?

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I want to export my Outlook 2013 contacts to Excel file for easy checking duplication. Please show me the way to do that! Thank you.

Answer: Microsoft Outlook before version 2013 supports you to export your Outlook data to many f... [continue reading]

How to highlight cells alternatively in Excel 2013?

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I have an Excel 2013 file with over 500 rows. How can I highlight cell alternatively for easy reading?

Answer: In Microsoft Excel 2013, sheet with large number or rows, users can highlight cells alte... [continue reading]
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How to turn off “Protected View” from Word 2013?

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Whenever I tried to open Word files for editing, my Microsoft Word 2013 always displays “PROTECTED VIEW” bar and I have to click “Enable Editing” to continue for editing. How can I turn off this damn annoying??

Answer: Absolutely. This is also damn annoying me because most of my Office files come from trus... [continue reading]

How to show ruler in Microsoft Word 2013?

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I just installed Word 2013. I am looking for the “ruler”, it seems to have got “lost”. I have turned on the Advanced Option, in the Display section “Show vertical ruler in Print Layout view”. Sounds good, but it doesn’t appear! I looked for the “view ruler” icon that has “lived” at the top of the vertical scroll bar, it is gone! How could I get back my Word 2013 ruler?

Answer: We know that the Ruler function helps align the text, graphic, tables or other elements ... [continue reading]

How to insert a new row into table in Microsoft Word 2013?

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I am a newbie to Microsoft Office 2013. Please show me the way to insert a new row into an existing table in Word 2013??

Answer: Yeah, there are 2 solutions you can use. SOLUTIONS 1 Step 1. On the table you want to ... [continue reading]
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How can I display pictures in Microsoft Word 2010?


I am working now on my job application using Microsoft Word 2010. Today, I open my application for review once more, but suddenly my pictures were gone. What is that? It is there last night… Please help me? It’s so urgent.

Answer: The problem you got maybe belongs to 2 reasons:         ... [continue reading]

How to show Open file button on the main screen of Office 2010 like before?


I’m just switching from Microsoft Office 2003 to 2010 version. This is a lot of changes in the interface of the Office. Every time I want to open a file, I have to go to File menu and click Open. How can I get the Open File button show off on the main screen of Office application like before?

Answer: Yes, by default, Microsoft Office from version 2007 hides the Open File button from the ... [continue reading]
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How do I change font size of my email list in Outlook 2010?


My son has just bought me a new laptop. But the high resolution screen of the laptop makes me many troubles. It is disaster when going through Outlook to read emails. With the new version 2010, I found it difficult to increase the font size of my email list. Could you please show me the way to do that?

Answer: It’s also my case. My father always complains about this problem whenever I install a ... [continue reading]

How to put more than one filter in Microsoft Excel?


I frequently use filter in Microsoft Excel to see desired subset of sheet’s data. Now my sheet has some tables divided by my layout. How can I put multiple filters on these tables?

Answer: Excel supports over 65000 rows per sheet which have pros and cons. One way, we can have ... [continue reading]