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How to upgrade to iOS 7 official from iOS 7 beta?

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I love iOS 7 design with flat interface. So that when Apple exposed their iOS 7 beta, I have download and install into my iPhone. Today, iOS 7 official is live. But I cannot upgrade my iPhone to official iOS 7. What’s up! Can you help me?

Answer: Today, I also have received many questions from users like you who are using iOS 7 beta ... [continue reading]

How do I enable two-step verification for my Apple ID?

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I have heard that Apple has provided two-step verification for Apple ID. I think I should have that feature enabled to enhance my Apple transactions security. How do I enable two-step verification for my Apple ID?

Answer: Right, everything related to transactions should be secured enough. We all know that tra... [continue reading]

How can I take screenshot of my iPhone 5 screen?

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How can I take screen shot of my iPhone 5 screen? I have to capture some screens of my homework application.

Answer: There are many apps on App Store allow you to take screenshot of your iPhone 5. However,... [continue reading]

How to enable Assistive Touch on iPhone 5?

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I’ve heard that there is one way to avoid using Home key and Power key of iPhone 5 by using Assistive Touch. How can I enable it on iPhone 5?

Answer: iPhone Assistive Touch is a new feature from iOS 5. When it is enabled, you can see a l... [continue reading]