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How do I enable and use Google Gmail tab feature?

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Months ago, Google has notify me to try their new feature, Gmail tab. But that time I did not notice and not willing to use. Now I want to enable this feature in my Gmail inbox but unable to find in my Gmail. How to enable it?

Answer: Yep, beside the power of labels which can help you to categorized your messages, Google ... [continue reading]

How to cancel Gmail account?

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Strangely but I want to cancel my Gmail account. This Gmail account got lots of spam, so I want to cancel it and make a new Gmail account. How to cancel Gmail account?

Answer: Yes, it’s so strange. For me, Gmail still is a superb free email hosting service that ... [continue reading]

How do I install Google Chrome Java plugin on Windows 8?

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Now I want to access File Manager from my hosting control panel. However, this site has use Java plugin for this function. How do I install Google Chrome Java plugin to use this feature?

Answer: Yes, actually, we need to install Google Chrome Java plugin because some websites requir... [continue reading]

How do I check mail from other accounts in Gmail?

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I have three email accounts, one with Gmail, one with Yahoo, and another with my company email system. Gmail is by far the most powerful email account that I have to date. I want to consolidate all of my emails in Gmail. How do I check email from two other accounts in Gmail?

Answer: For me, until now, Google Email (aka Gmail) still is the best free email solution. It ha... [continue reading]

How to set Google Chrome as default browser in Windows 8?

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I use Google Chrome as my main browser for surfing the Internet. However, every time I click a link from other Windows applications, the system default open Internet Explorer. I remembered that Google Chrome ask me to set it as default browser when finishing installing but I dismiss that. How can I set Google Chrome as default browser in Windows 8?

Answer: As we know, Google Chrome is a new and young web browser in compare with Internet Explor... [continue reading]

How to convert PDF file into Google document in Google Drive?

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I want to convert my PDF file in Google Drive into Google document for editing and using translator for referencing. How can I do it?

Answer: Google is a big giant on the Internet. Everything they do now is making an ecosystem tha... [continue reading]

How can I use new Google Maps version?

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Google has just introduced the new version of Google Maps. But in my browser, it is still old version. How can I try out new version?

Answer: Yeah, at the Google I/O  conference which took place recently, Google has launched the ... [continue reading]

How to install Google Chrome extensions?

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I saw some pages introduces some fascinating Google extensions. How can I find and install Google extensions by myself?

Answer: Yes, every modern browser support user to install plug-in like Google Chrome’s extensi... [continue reading]

How to convert files in Google Drive?

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My group share lot of files in Google Drive and I have heard that Google provide a way to convert them online. Please show me how to do that?

Answer: If you choose Google Drive as an online disk drive and sharing these data between friend... [continue reading]
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How can I turn off the translation offer from Google Chrome?


Some days ago, I did something with Google Chrome but totally forgot it. So now, every time I go to a non-English website, Chrome always offers me to translate it into English. How can I turn off this offer?

Answer: Yes, maybe you did turn on the option ‘Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a lan... [continue reading]

How to show Google Drive on Windows 7 Start Menu?


After comparing and considering, I choose to use Google Drive for my online storage. However, I have to go to Desktop and then browse to Google Drive folder to access to my files. How can I put it in Windows 7 Start Menu for quickly accessing?

Answer: I’m still using Dropbox in accordance with Google Drive. It’s just because I almost ... [continue reading]

How to import passwords, bookmarks, favorites data from Firefox to Chrome?

How to import passwords, bookmarks, favorites data from Firefox to Chrome-00

I have just switched from Firefox to Google Chrome browser as my friend’s recommendation. But I have used Mozilla Firefox for a long time with much of browsing data like: bookmarks, passwords, and favorites data. How can I import these data to Google Chrome?

Answer: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome now can be judged as two best browsers that surpass th... [continue reading]

Receive Google calendar event notification via SMS?

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Today my colleague receives a SMS from Google about his friends group’s party. This was so amazing. I also want to do that. How can I do set Google calendar SMS notification to send to my mobile phone?

Answer: Clearly that Google provides so many useful features to users. One of these is Calendar ... [continue reading]