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How to attach files in a chat in Facebook?

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How can I do attach file in Facebook’s chat? I want to send some of my pictures to friends through chat inside Facebook interface.

Answer: Yeah, Facebook chat do support attach files in a chat. But this feature do not show up i... [continue reading]

How I set Facebook messenger showing up like Windows 7 sidebar?


I’ve just saw an image on web that Facebook Messenger displayed as Windows 7 sidebar. It is so fascinating because it makes me like staying on all of my friends’ updates. How can I do it?

Answer: Facebook release Facebook Messenger for Windows on March of this year. This application ... [continue reading]
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How can I get Facebook Messenger for Windows?

How can I get Facebook Messenger for Windows-0

I have read a news that Facebook is providing users a messenger application called Facebook Messenger for Windows. Is that correct? How can I get this application work on my computer?

Answer: Yeah, you are an up-to-date man. I also heard about this news at end of November. After ... [continue reading]

How to invite my friends to join Facebook?

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I sometimes invite friends to join Facebook and it is very easy task in old Facebook interface. But now, new interface comes up and I don’t know how to invite my friends to Facebook. Do you have a solution?

Answer: Beside of using Facebook for personal purpose, I often invite people that I have met to ... [continue reading]

How to stop annoying email notifications from Facebook?

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My Facebook account have over 500 friends. Every day, Facebook sends me emails to notify about my friends’ updates. This is unnecessary and so annoying because the email also includes updates from friends of my friends that I don’t even know. How can I stop annoying email notifications from my Facebook account?

Answer: Yes, you are like me. When I used it from the beginning days, it is so helpful because I... [continue reading]

How can I control my Facebook News Feed view?

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Facebook recently changes the News Feed view. But the problems is the same people always appear on my news feed meanwhile, photo albums, updates, etc. from friends I actually care about get buried. How can I control whose updates I see first?

Answer: The new design of the Facebook came with many changes and one of the most important chan... [continue reading]