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How can I burn iso files into flash drive?

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I have download Windows 8 iso file from Microsoft. How can I burn this iso file into my flash drive instead of DVD disk?

Answer: Modern computer bring you the capacity to boot system from flash drive. This is time-sav... [continue reading]
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How to display TortoiseSVN overlay icon in Total Commander?


TortoiseSVN overlay icons are little icons over files and folders in Windows Explorer to indicate their status in your Subversion repository. How to can I get these little icons to show up in my favorite file browser Total Commander?

Answer: TortoiseSVN is a popular source change management system. Not only developers but normal... [continue reading]

How to synchronize bookmarks across Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox?


As I currently understand Google Chrome puts bookmarks separately from Google Bookmarks, which is accessible in Firefox by using Google Toolbar for Firefox. Right? So how should I synchronize bookmarks across my browsers? I use Google Chrome as my primary browser and it works good and bookmarks are synchronized across number of computers I’m using.

Answer: Synchronize bookmarks between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and vice versa is very s... [continue reading]

Which file sync service should I use, Dropbox or SugarSync?

Which file sync service should I use - Dropbox or SugarSync_00

Now I have laptop and PC running Microsoft Windows 7 and I want to synchronize some important files between the two computers. My friends recommend me to use Dropbox and SugarSync. Which file sync service should I use, Dropbox or SugarSync?

Answer: Dropbox and SugarSync are the two famous data synchronous service. Each one has its pros... [continue reading]