How can I add comment to cells in Microsoft Excel 2013?

I am just new to Excel 2013. How can I add comment to cells in my excel file?

nguyen's answer

Excel 2013 has a little bit different on interface compare to earlier version. However, you still can easily add comment to cells.


Step 1. Click on cell you want to add comment.

add-comment-cell-microsoft-excel-2013 step 1 image


Step 2. Click on tab REVIEW on Ribbon bar.

add-comment-cell-microsoft-excel-2013 step 2 image


Step 3. Click on New Comment on this ribbon.

add-comment-cell-microsoft-excel-2013 step 3 image


Step 4. You can see a new box with an arrow point to your cell. Type in your comment.

add-comment-cell-microsoft-excel-2013 step 4 image

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Category: Microsoft Office   (Answered Hai Nguyen)
120 comments on “How can I add comment to cells in Microsoft Excel 2013?
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