How to upgrade to iOS 7 official from iOS 7 beta?

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I love iOS 7 design with flat interface. So that when Apple exposed their iOS 7 beta, I have download and install into my iPhone. Today, iOS 7 official is live. But I cannot upgrade my iPhone to official iOS 7. What’s up! Can you help me?

Answer: Today, I also have received many questions from users like you who are using iOS 7 beta ... [continue reading]

How do I enable and use Google Gmail tab feature?

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Months ago, Google has notify me to try their new feature, Gmail tab. But that time I did not notice and not willing to use. Now I want to enable this feature in my Gmail inbox but unable to find in my Gmail. How to enable it?

Answer: Yep, beside the power of labels which can help you to categorized your messages, Google ... [continue reading]

How do I increase font size when replying in Outlook?

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When I hit reply to an email in Outlook 2010 the font comes up so small in the reply it is barely readable. Changing font settings has made no difference. It wasn’t always like this – I obviously did something to cause it! How do I increase the font size now?

Answer: It’s also my case. My father always complains about this problem whenever I’ve insta... [continue reading]

How to change background in Windows 8?

change background in windows 8

I have just download some beautiful free pictures. I want to put these pictures on my screen now. How can I change background of my Windows 8 computer?

Answer: Microsoft Windows 8 has three kinds of background: welcome screen (lock screen), desktop... [continue reading]

How do I enable two-step verification for my Apple ID?

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I have heard that Apple has provided two-step verification for Apple ID. I think I should have that feature enabled to enhance my Apple transactions security. How do I enable two-step verification for my Apple ID?

Answer: Right, everything related to transactions should be secured enough. We all know that tra... [continue reading]

How to cancel Gmail account?

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Strangely but I want to cancel my Gmail account. This Gmail account got lots of spam, so I want to cancel it and make a new Gmail account. How to cancel Gmail account?

Answer: Yes, it’s so strange. For me, Gmail still is a superb free email hosting service that ... [continue reading]

How do I install Google Chrome Java plugin on Windows 8?

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Now I want to access File Manager from my hosting control panel. However, this site has use Java plugin for this function. How do I install Google Chrome Java plugin to use this feature?

Answer: Yes, actually, we need to install Google Chrome Java plugin because some websites requir... [continue reading]

How do I check mail from other accounts in Gmail?

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I have three email accounts, one with Gmail, one with Yahoo, and another with my company email system. Gmail is by far the most powerful email account that I have to date. I want to consolidate all of my emails in Gmail. How do I check email from two other accounts in Gmail?

Answer: For me, until now, Google Email (aka Gmail) still is the best free email solution. It ha... [continue reading]

How do I repeat top rows when printing in Excel 2013?

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I am running Excel 2013. I want to print a long spreadsheet and I would like the top rows repeated on the top of each page. I go to print and go to Page Setup. I select the “Sheet” tab. Under “Print” Titles”, both selections are disabled (grayed); “Rows to Repeat at Top” and Columns to Repeat at Left” are unavailable for selection. Do you know why I cannot access this feature in Excel 2013?

Answer: As I have been using Excel since Excel 97, I always set the first row frozen, so that wh... [continue reading]

How do I create Microsoft account in Windows 8?

create microsoft account

My friend did install Windows 8 for me. However, as he said, he has just create a local account for me. Somebody tell me that using Microsoft account instead of local account will give me many benefits from Microsoft cloud as Apple cloud. Nguyen, how do I create Microsoft account in Windows 8 with my Gmail account?

Answer: Uhm, as I wrote down in the article Create Window 8 account, beside local account, you ... [continue reading]

How to create Windows 8 user account?

create windows 8 user account

Just upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 because of speed and new interface. However, Microsoft has change something in Windows 8 so that I got difficulties in configuring Windows setting. How can I do create Windows 8 user account, especially local account?

Answer: Umm, as we know, it's the time for cloud computing. Everything now are stored in cloud t... [continue reading]
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How to print all Excel sheet columns on one page?

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I have to print out my Excel sheet into one page. However, even I changed columns size or rows size, my sheet still span on two page. How can I do print this Excel in one sheet?

Answer: Microsoft Excel is a most popular spreadsheet program in the world. It allows you to do ... [continue reading]

How to freeze top rows always on top in Excel 2013?

keep-two-top-rows-on-top-excel-2013 featured image

I want to keep the two top rows always on top in my Excel file. How can I do that in Microsoft Excel 2013?

Answer: Yep, most of the time working with table, we want to keep one or more row on top for eas... [continue reading]

How to set Google Chrome as default browser in Windows 8?

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I use Google Chrome as my main browser for surfing the Internet. However, every time I click a link from other Windows applications, the system default open Internet Explorer. I remembered that Google Chrome ask me to set it as default browser when finishing installing but I dismiss that. How can I set Google Chrome as default browser in Windows 8?

Answer: As we know, Google Chrome is a new and young web browser in compare with Internet Explor... [continue reading]

How to convert PDF file into Google document in Google Drive?

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I want to convert my PDF file in Google Drive into Google document for editing and using translator for referencing. How can I do it?

Answer: Google is a big giant on the Internet. Everything they do now is making an ecosystem tha... [continue reading]

How to turn on password protection on wakeup in Windows 8?

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My working computer always comes back to working screen after resuming from standby. How can I turn on password protection after resuming? I am now using Microsoft Windows 8.

Answer: Password protection on wakeup is a function of Microsoft Windows. When Password protecti... [continue reading]